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I'm looking for a good online application processing and review system preferably on a .Net platform. We're looking to do some work for a client who wishes to overhaul their paper based sponsorship application process using an online system.

Has anyone came across any good systems which allow for a fully customization application data capture and approval process? Other requirements include reporting MI, document generation, progress alert notifications.

If anyone has any experience of such as system and can provide me a recommendation to look into then I'd appreciate it.

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You can use the Microsoft Sharepoint Server to achieve your goal. it also includes workflow engine that helps you developing custom workflows easily to manage your documents.

You also may develop a custom solution using the Microsoft Exchange Server (public folders) and outlook.

There is also a platform named Viravis. It helps you to develop online database applications without programming. i suggest you to check it if it meets your need.

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I will suggest RicohDocs is the best option to manage documents online. It have lots of features and also have customized option according to requirement.

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You can check EverSuite Content Management. It enables you to easily manage your documents in one place and share them with others.

It supports the contribution, structuring and distribution of enterprise content in a controlled and secured environment.

  • Document Capture: it provides document acquisition features covering a wide range of document types and formats; paper document scanning, electronic documents, fax, email, Office, PDF…

  • Filing and Categorization: it allows the creation and management of multiple enterprise filing plans:

    • Automatically file electronic documents in multiple folders, without duplication

    • Use filing plan templates to standardize customer and project files

    • Build dynamic filing plan based on metadata, creating enterprise taxonomy on the fly

    • Centrally manage security, and allow key users to adapt and evolve filing plans in a fully auditable manner

  • Life cycle Management: Through its powerful “Document Profiles” feature, EverSuite Content Management provides in place documents and records life cycle management policies. Based on metadata and events, records can be automatically created and stored on secure storage devices, and eventually disposed of. Audit trails are kept, in accordance with information governance standards.

  • Document Routing: it provides “rules-based” document routing, a powerful feature allowing ad-hoc circulation of documents between information workers, for document distribution, validation and tracking. Notifications via e-mail, and due dates on routes are also supported, streamlining business activities and improving work processes You can find all information under

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