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Our ios application crashes when a UITextField with default type is touched. There is another uitextfield which is numpad and it works okay.

The crash only occurs on ios 5.0.1 and ios 4.x works okay.

The UITextField is created with interface builder and I didn't add any delegates for it.

The project was created on 4.0.2 and I also tested the same project on 4.2.

If I create a new project and just put a UITextField in it there is no problem.

Somehow something in my project causes the UITextField to crash and I don't have any idea how to debug it.

The crash log is like following:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x33fa2fdc in CFRetain ()
#1  0x37991db6 in ___init_block_invoke_2 ()
#2  0x36c8e7ea in _dispatch_barrier_sync_f_invoke ()
#3  0x36c8e65a in dispatch_barrier_sync_f$VARIANT$up ()
#4  0x36c8e28e in dispatch_sync_f$VARIANT$up ()
#5  0x36c8e910 in dispatch_sync$VARIANT$up ()
#6  0x36c90576 in dispatch_once_f$VARIANT$up ()
#7  0x37992706 in CPLoggingAddCustomLogFile ()
#8  0x306ee658 in __MCLoggingInitialize_block_invoke_1 ()
#9  0x36c90576 in dispatch_once_f$VARIANT$up ()
#10 0x306ee6a4 in MCLoggingInitialize ()
#11 0x306ef060 in -[MCProfileConnection _init] ()
#12 0x306ef764 in +[MCProfileConnection sharedConnection] ()
#13 0x31758cce in _FTAreIDsEquivalent ()
#14 0x31758a46 in _FTAreIDsEquivalent ()
#15 0x317589c8 in _FTAreIDsEquivalent ()
#16 0x36c90576 in dispatch_once_f$VARIANT$up ()
#17 0x31758976 in _FTAreIDsEquivalent ()
#18 0x35026378 in GCC_except_table11 ()
#19 0x3504571c in _NSStringDescriptionForIMAVChatParticipantState ()
#20 0x350456a8 in _NSStringDescriptionForIMAVChatParticipantState ()
#21 0x36c90576 in dispatch_once_f$VARIANT$up ()
#22 0x35045656 in _NSStringDescriptionForIMAVChatParticipantState ()
#23 0x377931e2 in -[UIDictationController init] ()
#24 0x37793350 in +[UIDictationController sharedInstance] ()
#25 0x37793590 in +[UIDictationController fetchCurrentInputModeSupportsDictation] ()
#26 0x376b21d0 in -[UIKeyboardLayoutStar shouldShowDictationKey] ()
#27 0x374f4138 in -[UIKeyboardLayoutStar updateMoreAndInternationalKeys] ()
#28 0x374f206e in -[UIKeyboardLayoutStar setKeyplaneName:] ()
#29 0x374f0e62 in -[UIKeyboardLayoutStar showKeyboardType:appearance:orientation:withShift:] ()
#30 0x37481bc4 in -[UIKeyboardImpl updateLayout] ()
#31 0x37425f6a in -[UIKeyboardImpl setDelegate:force:] ()
#32 0x37407f22 in -[UIPeripheralHost(UIKitInternal) _reloadInputViewsForResponder:] ()
#33 0x37407c6e in -[UIResponder(UIResponderInputViewAdditions) reloadInputViews] ()
#34 0x374077aa in -[UIResponder becomeFirstResponder] ()
#35 0x37505d76 in -[UITextInteractionAssistant setFirstResponderIfNecessary] ()
#36 0x37505640 in -[UITextInteractionAssistant oneFingerTap:] ()
#37 0x37504f06 in _UIGestureRecognizerSendActions ()
#38 0x37496c1c in -[UIGestureRecognizer _updateGestureWithEvent:] ()
#39 0x376c2508 in ___UIGestureRecognizerUpdate_block_invoke_0541 ()
#40 0x37411d68 in _UIGestureRecognizerApplyBlocksToArray ()
#41 0x374108b6 in _UIGestureRecognizerUpdate ()
#42 0x3741d3cc in _UIGestureRecognizerUpdateGesturesFromSendEvent ()
#43 0x3741d20e in -[UIWindow _sendGesturesForEvent:] ()
#44 0x3741cddc in -[UIWindow sendEvent:] ()
#45 0x374034ec in -[UIApplication sendEvent:] ()
#46 0x37402d2c in _UIApplicationHandleEvent ()
#47 0x30835df2 in PurpleEventCallback ()
#49 0x3402e4f4 in __CFRunLoopDoSource1 ()
#50 0x3402d342 in __CFRunLoopRun ()
#51 0x33fb04dc in CFRunLoopRunSpecific ()
#52 0x33fb03a4 in CFRunLoopRunInMode ()
#53 0x30834fcc in GSEventRunModal ()
#54 0x37431742 in UIApplicationMain ()
#55 0x00002462 in main (argc=1, argv=0x2fdffb04) at /Users/xxxx/Desktop/ios5/
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What kind of exception or error is it? – Philippe Sabourin Jan 12 '12 at 15:46
a little more would be nice, how are you creating the field, maybe some code for the delegate methods, especially anything that has some blocking GCD code... – Grady Player Jan 12 '12 at 15:47
Are you doing anything ARC specific on touch or on any other related delegate methods? – Ali Jan 12 '12 at 15:50
@PhilippeSabourin it doesnt give any error it just exits on the line: "int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, @"xyzAppDelegate");" – intacto Jan 12 '12 at 15:51
Oh, you need to add the breakpoint exception... To do this with Xcode 4, click on the Breakpoints symbol (2nd from the right) in the Navigator pane, click the + button at the bottom of the pane, and select Add Exception Breakpoint. THen on the right of the exception line you'll see the error/exception. – Philippe Sabourin Jan 12 '12 at 15:52
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Change "Product Name"

I had exactly same problem. I've solved it with changing "Product Name" property on build settings of target. Looks like having Non-USA characters, special characters like "ü, ğ, ç" etc. masses up your application.

I've absolutely no idea why this creates a problem such. But making product name something like "Ocu" instead of "Öcü" fixes it.

I found about this information on another question's answer and here is the link.

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Make sure in interface builder that the UITextField does not have any current outlets. It's a common mishap to duplicate existing UITextFields and not realize that they were previously linked to other outlets or making references to things that are no longer there.

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The problem exists even if i create a new uitextfield on the same project by interface builder or with code. – intacto Jan 13 '12 at 7:59

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