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I read somewhere that all arguments for sbt:

java -jar /home/robert/.conscript/sbt-launch.jar  arg1 arg2 ..

are the dependencies with which to start sbt.

What about arguments starting with "@"?

The question is because I want to discovery how conscript is working. It is just SBT with '@/home/robert/.conscript/n8han/conscript/cs/launchconfig' as a first argument, other command line arguments are also passed to (through "$@" at the last argument for sbt). The launchconfig is a simple ini like file:

  version: 0.3.4
  org: net.databinder
  name: conscript
  class: conscript.Conscript
  version: 2.9.1
  directory: /home/robert/.conscript/boot

But there is no information about dependencies. Moreover conscript doesn't have any other file (besides sbt and cs runner, which is the sbt command).

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This page talks about Launcher configurations:

So you can basically configure sbt itself, e.g. add repositories where it should look by default, choose another ivy location, and so forth.

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