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I need to move an object from an activity to a service. This is my attempt at the Activity side.

      Waveform waveform = new Waveform();
      Intent intent = new Intent(this, StimulationService.class);
      Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
      bundle.putParcelable("test", (Parcelable) waveform);

I have placed this code in the onStart() function in the service.

        Bundle bundle = this.getIntent().getExtras();
        mWaveform = bundle.getParcelable(waveform);

I'm getting errors for the function "getIntent" and "waveform" inside the getParcelable(). Any help or guidance is appreciated.

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  1. Services don't have a getIntent method. Instead the intent is passed in as an argument to the onStart method. So you should use that parameter instead.
  2. The getParcelable method takes a String, which in the case of your test code, should be "test".
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In order to place an object into a Bundle you need to make that objects Class implement Parcelable. Here you can see how to use Parcelable Android Parcelable Example.

Then on your onStart (Intent intent, int startId) method you get the object from the Intent :

  public void onStart(Intent intent, int startId) {
        Wafeform waveform=intent.getExtras().getParcelable("test");
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