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I have custom validation added to my page, and this validation is called from business logic layer, after I click "Save" button on UI, which is AjaxSubmitLink.

On my page I have apache wicket DateTimeField, but it's validation doesn't work correctly: error message doesn't appear in FeedbackPanel, which is added on page and my custom validation is shown there correctly.

So for example I fill hours field with "321" and I will have error in console:

WARN org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.WebSession - Component-targetted feedback message was left unrendered. This could be because you are missing a FeedbackPanel on the page. Message: [FeedbackMessage message = "Translation for key [hours.RangeValidator] is not found for language [en]!", reporter = hours, level = ERROR]

Maybe someone had similar problems and have solution for this?


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Looks like you have 2 problems. You miss a feedbackpanel and you missing a key in your resource file. Can you show some code? – bert Jan 12 '12 at 22:34

Because you do an Ajax-Request you have to add the feedback-panel to your AjaxRequestTarget (so it will update itself on every request).

You have to override the onError method though:

add(new AjaxSubmitLink() {
        protected void onError(final AjaxRequestTarget target, final Form form) {
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thanks, it works! – britva Jan 13 '12 at 11:29

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