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I need to read a properties file in the server-side of a GWT application.

I've tried to put the file in the root of the application and into the src folder. However, in both tries, A FileNotFound exception is thrown.

I create the file using the following code:

File file = new File("");

Is it wrong? Where should I put the file?

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What server are you running? Is your server-side component also in Java? – Dusty Campbell Jan 12 '12 at 16:40

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into your war folder. I suppose you use Eclipse and integrated Google plugin to generate the app and also to run it.

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You have to read the properties in your server side code and then send it to your GWT code. See this page for server-client communication. The file itself should probably be in your war folder. Also you cannot use File in your GWT code as it is not a supported emulated JRE library class. See here for supported library classes available in GWT.

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