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I am getting this error when trying to use the numericupdown control:

Assembly 'AjaxControlToolkit, Version=3.0.30512.20315, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=28f01b0e84b6d53e' contains a Web resource with name 'AjaxControlToolkit.NumericUpDown.NumericUpDownBehavior.debug.js', but does not contain an embedded resource with name 'AjaxControlToolkit.NumericUpDown.NumericUpDownBehavior.debug.js'.

I have researched this and have found that this problem arises because the source code for the AJAXToolkit calls the file 'NumericUpDownBehavior.debug..js'. The only solution I have seen is this one:

Download the ajax control toolkit with the source code. Go to the folder "AjaxControlToolkit\NumericUpDown\" and there's a file there named "NumericUpDownBehavior.debug..js". Rename it to "NumericUpDownBehavior.debug.js". After this open the "AjaxControlToolkt" project in Visual studio and choose "Show All Files" in Solution Explorer". Exclude from the project the file with the double dots (.debug..js) and include the correct one. Right click on the .js file and choose "Properties". From there Choose the Build Action "Embedded Resource". Compile it and add the resulting dll to to your projects where you are using ajax (Replace the dll's).

I have tried this but I must have done it wrong because it did not work. Can anyone provide a more detailed solution to this problem?


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