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I Find my self using jquery a lot in visual studio for my current project. Is there a way to add a hot key that will paste the guts of a selector on the screen? for example Ctr+shift+J will paste $("#").

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Create a snippet.


What this will do is when you type a certain word (lets say selector in this case) and then hit the tab button, it will insert your snippet text that you defined.

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Isn't there a way to do it with macros so it works kinda like a hot key command? – RayLoveless Jan 12 '12 at 20:35

Here's the macro solution:

  • Record a macro "Ctrl-shift-R"
  • Type specified Text (eg $("#").)
  • Stop Recording "Ctrl-shift-R"
  • Save your recorded macro: Tools-> macros -> save-temporaryMacro
  • Assign a shortcut key to your saved marco: Tools -> Options -> Enviornment -> Keyboard

Hope this helps someone. very nice!

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