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I am just getting starteded with Applescript and need some help with a simple file copy from a Windows server. I am mounting a volume to a Windows share and I need to copy the files from that folder to the desktop. Here's the AppleScript I have so far.

tell application "Finder"
   mount volume "smb://username:password@server.domain.com/source/MAC/StandardApps"
   duplicate file "SymantecEndpointProtection.zip" of folder "StandardApps" to    folder "Desktop"
end tell

The error I get is "Can't set folder \"Desktop\" to folder \"StandardApps\"."

I'm sure I'm missing something simple, again I'm new to Applescript. Grateful for any help. I will provide any additional info you need.

Thanks in advance.

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Change to folder "Desktop" to to desktop –  fireshadow52 Jan 12 '12 at 17:46

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You need to use the complete file paths. For example, the path to the desktop folder in your user's account can be found by using path to desktop folder. Another easy way to see what a file path is would be to look at the result from a choose file dialog.

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I was able to get it working by just mounting to the source share and changing the duplicate line to:

duplicate file "SymantecEndPointProtection.zip" of folder "StandardApps" of folder "Mac" of disk "source" to folder desktopPath
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