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I'm using Grails 2.0 and specified my css stylesheets and javascript files in the application resources file so that I can use syntax like <r:require modules="common"/>

In my resource file I have specified a css file which in turn uses in image background...

jrac {
   dependsOn 'jquery-dev'
   resource url: '/js/misc/jrac.js'
   resource url: '/css/misc/jrac.css', bundle:'bundle_style'

jrac.css ...

.jrac_loading {
    background-image: url('../../images/misc/loading.gif');

The issue is that when I run this in the browser, the parsed file changes the url to:

background-image: url('resource:/images/misc/loading.gif');

So the image doesn't work, does anyone have any ideas why?

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Turns out the issue was with the lesscss plugin. If you use this plugin you must set your less output to a separate bundle, otherwise url rewriting doesn't seem to play well.

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