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I have to create a fix length record file using C#. I read the records from database and then after some business logic I would like to write some of the fields into a text file. I researched this and some recommend using an XML to define the file, while others format the string and then write that into a file.

Is there a proper way to do this? I would like to keep this object oriented.

Thanks for any hints.

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take a look at http://www.filehelpers.com/ to export the data to a fixed file format. you may also want to look at http://hibernatingrhinos.com/open-source/rhino-etl to create a process that runs the export for you. rhino.etl includes operations for FileHelpers.

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Great resources. I was just about to post the very same links. –  afrischke Jan 12 '12 at 17:53
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You can use Jet to parse fixed length records in a text file. This is a decent overview that should be able to get you started:


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In the past when i've done this, I pull the data out of SQL as a Char(Length) so that the padding is handled by SQL. This makes the C# pretty easy to put together. You can do this by casting or converting the data when you select it, or by creating a table that is the exact format of your file and inserting the data in there before pulling it out into C#.

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