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I am running gdb from inside emacs and am looking for an automatic way to specify the source directories in my .emacs file. Basically, it is becoming a pain to always specify the source file directories for gdb :)

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You can customize GUD GDB's command-line. Unfortunately, this is a global setting, and not something per-buffer/-project…

  M-x customize-apropos gud

(or navigate to Customize group Emacs/Programming/Tools/Gud)

Look for Gud Gdb Command Name and set it to something like

  gdb --annotate=3 -d /usr/src/whatever -d ~/more/src

(The --annotate=3 is required for GUD to work properly.)

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This is working out nicely for me. Also, when I save, it adds to the .emacs file. –  Juba Jan 12 '12 at 19:46

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