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I am trying to create a reusable class library that is a database first entity framework project. the projects sole purpose is to be a container for entity framework. The project successfully builds, and i was able to run a simple unit test proving i could write to the database with the project. when i reference the dll of the EF project in another project(Project B), I am unable to write to the database. i get the following error

Unable to update the EntitySet 'foo' because it has a DefiningQuery and no element exists in the element to support the current operation.

I have also discovered that i must provide a connection string for the EF project in project B's config file so that the application will build.

Is there a way to diagnose if my problem is related to the connection string? if the issue does not stem from the connection string, where else can start in the path of diagnosing the issue?

foot notes: I have installed entity framework 4.2 in both projects. i have mirrored the connection string between EF project and Project B when i had a single solution containing project B and ef project, i was able to write to the database.

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Do you have a view referenced in your edmx?

If so you need to tell EF that it is not updateable, it is not able to detect it normally.

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foo is a table, not a view. I believe i have some views in my edmx file, but those should be affecting foo? –  Michael Jan 12 '12 at 23:54

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