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I am trying to install the taxonomy and taxonomy picker plugins for the cms.

I have the following cnd file within my namespaces folder:



[myhippoproject:basedocument] > hippo:document, hippostd:publishableSummary,
hippostdpubwf:document orderable

[myhippoproject:textdocument] > myhippoproject:basedocument,
hippostd:relaxed, hippotaxonomy:classifiable

[myhippoproject:newsdocument] > myhippoproject:basedocument,

From what I understand, textdocument should inherit myhippoproject:basedocument, hippostd:relaxed, and hippotaxonomy:classifiable when generated. However, when I build the project and browse to localhost:8080/cms/console, and look at the textdocument node under myhippoproject, the mixins for those 3 are not ticked.

I also get the error 'node is not classifiable' even after I've manually ticked the classifiable mixin.

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Can you take a look at the namespace for myhippoproject in the cnd export at localhost:8080/cms/console. Does it there say 'hippotaxonomy:classifiable' for you doc types? If not, you most likely need to start with a clean repository (after you rebuild the project of course)

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