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As far as I know, the Facebook send dialog does not have any callback parameters (like the feed dialog). But, I would like to be able to store the recipients of that message in order to be able to control the access on it. Is that possible?

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You can subscribe a call-back function via javascript on your page that has the send dialog See: and

message.send - fired when the user sends a message using the send button. The response object passed into the callback function contains the URL which was sent:

So according to the documentation you will only get the URL shared, so if you had multiple Send buttons on a page, you can tell which one was clicked.

For security and privacy reasons you cannot get the recipients of that message.

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I was afraid of this. But in my opinion it should be possible. This being a private message and which must have a link, in some cases, that link should be available only to its recipients and I don't think this kind of restriction can be implemented now. – Alexandru Savin Jan 13 '12 at 9:07

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