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I've just installed emacs 23.3b (OSX Lion) using brew. The startup takes over 11 seconds (v 22.1 starts instantly). I've blanked out my .emacs and tried with various options such as "-Q" or "--no-init-file" "--no-site-file" but the startup time remains 11 seconds.

'emacs --help' runs instantly. Also upon loading, I see a message "loading vc-git ... done". Wondering if a lot of files are being loaded. This load time is irrespective of how many times i shut and rerun emacs.

I then installed emacs 23.3b from http://emacsformacosx.com/, that too takes the same time.

How can i speed up the load time, how to figure out where these 11 seconds are going ? (I need to use v23 for using 'evil').

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The startup problem persisted with emacs24 also. Seems it was an OSX Lion problem related to /etc/hosts. See Mac OSX Lion DNS lookup order

The solution to this is have a

::1 mydomain.com

entry for every mydomain.com

entry in your hosts file.
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