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I have a form which allows a user to enter information about a calibration. The user enters an initial measurement and an adjusted measurement and the tolerance and standard are pulled from a database. I am trying to find a way to compare the adjusted measurement against the standard and tolerance to warn a user if they are entering an adjusted measurement outside the tolerance range. Example: Standard - 5mm Tolerance - 0.5mm. User enters 5.55mm for adjusted measurement. When they click submit a popup appears that warns the user this measurement is outside the tolerance range. Right now I do the comparison once the form is submitted and bring the user back to the page but that seems redundant when this is just a warning. How can I work my current code to allow that? I've tried a validate form javascript function but my field names are generated dynamically so I'm unsure of how to proceed. The reason they are generated dynamically is because there could be any number of calibrations that are due on a given date and this page allows them all to be entered at once.

For simplicity I've only included the actual form code for the fields I'm asking about(since the form has many other text fields that are not related to my question) and my failed attempt at a validate form function.

function validateForm()
                var x=document.forms["addMaintForm"]["am"].value;
                if (x< measure-range  || x>measure+range)
                    alert("Adjusted Value for " + name + " is outside of tolerance range");

<html:form action="/addMaint" onsubmit="return validateForm()" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<%! String measure;%>
<%! String range;%>
<%! int counter = 0;%>

<logic:iterate id="calibresult" name="calibresults" indexId="ctr">
                                    <bean:define id="measure" property="Measure" name="calibresult" scope="page" type="java.lang.String"/>

                                    <bean:define id="range" property="Tolerance" name="calibresult" scope="page" type="java.lang.String"/>

                                    <td><html:text property='<%= "am[" + counter + "]"%>'/><br><i>Must be a numerical value</i></td>
                            <input type="hidden" name='<%= "measure[" + counter + "]"%>' property='<%= "measure[" + counter + "]"%>' value='<%= measure%>'/>
                            <input type="hidden" name='<%= "range[" + counter + "]"%>' property='<%= "range[" + counter + "]"%>' value='<%= range%>'/>
                            <% counter++;%>

<html:submit property="button" value="Record"/>
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use the valid variable to keep track of whether your form has been filled out correctly.If one of our checks fails, set valid to false so that the form won't be sent. – ahmed Jan 12 '12 at 19:05
i want the form to be sent. I just want to warn the user that this occurred. (For example, if a machine is still calibrated, but cannot be calibrated correctly I still want to record the calibration, but an email will be sent to the machine's owner saying it will need to be repaired as well). – Evilsithgirl Jan 12 '12 at 19:13

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