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I needed to create a input mask for a jQuery datepicker in my Rails app, where the first form field uses m/d/yy format and the datepicker populates a hidden input with the proper database format.

I was using SimpleForm, and so I extended my own input so that the input is preceded by the mask.

I got everything set up and when checking out the browser, it all just worked well before I thought I would be done.

The form ends up with two inputs for the same attribute, each with the same id and name. I never thought this would work. Checking the development log I only see one date getting submitted, the second of the two which is the one that has the proper format for the database.

Is this all okay? Should I take some extra steps even though this appears to work fine, and more importantly, can someone explain what's going on under the hood that results in this behavior?


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No it isn't okay, id attributes must be unique in HTML or strange and unpleasant things will happen. –  mu is too short Jan 12 '12 at 19:30

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Rails uses the Hash params to store fields submitted. When you declare two or more inputs using the same name, it happens the same as if you do something like


Result is bar because the foo was overwritten. So the "winner" is always the field value which the browser last appended to postdata.

But if I where you, I would not rely on the browser that the second field gets appended at last.

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makes perfect sense, thanks! –  Blastula Jan 12 '12 at 19:28

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