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I am not sure how can i describe what i want but as a summary i can say that i need to do something like that with JQuery. When i click on a picture, i will show a big version of it. Is it possible? Any plugin or sample advice?

I have found a plugin named smoothdivscroll but it scrolls just vertical. So it is useless for me at the moment.

Thanks for your helps

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This site is to answer coding questions, not for shopping for plugins. –  Diodeus Jan 12 '12 at 20:38

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Something like this could help as a start point.

You just need to add an absolute layer and clone into the clicked image.

mouseMove gallery jsFiddle


// roXon mmGallery
var mmGalSpeed = 10; // set gallery damping
var xSlider = $("#slider"); 
var posX = 0;
var sumW = 0;

$('#slider img').each(function(){
  sumW += $(this).outerWidth(true); 

wDiff1 = $('#gallery_container').outerWidth(true);
wDiff2 = xSlider.width(); 
wDiff = ((wDiff2/wDiff1)-1).toFixed(2); 

mouseX = 0;
$("#gallery_container").mousemove(function(e) {
  mouseX = (e.pageX - $(this).offset().left);

setInterval(function(){ // zeno's paradox equation // "catching delay"
  posX += (mouseX - posX) / mmGalSpeed; 
  xSlider.css({left: '-'+Math.round(posX * wDiff) +'px' }); // instead 'marginLeft' use 'left' for absolute pos. #mmGallery
}, 10); 

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