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I'm trying to develop video conference application using UDP as transport and VP8 as encoder.

The thing I am missing here is good protocol algorithm to send the encoded frames. I had read some sources and articles around the net found some information about packet resending if it is not "too late". Also the specific VP8 frames like "Gold frame" and "Alt ref frame" but I do not have any idea when to send them.

Also I want to know the best way to recover from packet loss. I had read something about XOR packets but I could not understand anything about them.

The thing I had accomplished so far is to put sequence number and timestamp on each packet, information which part of the frame is the packet( begin, middle, end ) and packet resend for missing frame packets for up to 200ms, after that I drop the whole frame because it is "too late" for it. But that is all and I am not really happy with the results.

Any information and links whould be great to improve my knowage in this area. I prefer explanation than other projects with open source code.

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