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I have an App in Mac App Store and I have an approved update waiting for me to release it.

I want it to be released on an specific date. I know I can change Availability Date in Rights and Pricing page but will this remove the actual version from the store until that date?. I need to keep my actual version on sale and release the update on an specific date.

Also, is there any option to assign a price to an update?. For example, Version 1.0 at $0.99 and Version 2.0 at $1.99. When 2.0 is released in Japan (price $1.99), 1.0 is still selling at $0.99 in USA before the update becomes available.

Hope it makes sense.


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The FAQ says:

Ready for Sale – your app is ready to go live on the App Store on the available date listed for your Rights and Pricing setting. If the available date has already passed, the app will be live on the App Store. You have the option to remove your app from sale by visiting the Rights and Pricing page and removing app App Store territories.

... so I doubt it will remove the original app version. They explicitly mention this elsewhere:

To remove an application from sale in the App Store, click the Rights and Pricing button for your app, uncheck all App Store territories then click Save Changes.

When setting up a new version of an app, you were asked to set a release date for that version only. If that version has yet to hit the store, you might still be able to change the release for that particular version. I have no pending apps at the moment I could check, however, so I could be wrong.

The price tier lines can be used to set, and possibly revert, pricing on a given date. I know of no way to tie pricing to a specific version.

Read the FAQ linked at the bottom of the Rights and Pricing page, most of your questions will be answered. Also be sure to click on the little help icons next to the fields.

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Thanks coldbadhombre. Sorry is this is not the appropriate place to ask. I have read the FAQ but I didn't found the specific answers. I think you are right. This answer my second question since if I can schedule an update I can set the price to same date. –  rmvz3 Jan 12 '12 at 21:21
Well, after change the release day I got a warning telling me that my current version will be removed from the store if I continue. So, I'll have to do it the day before. I want to release in a specific date instead of releasing myself by hand because I want it to appear in the store according to local date. –  rmvz3 Jan 12 '12 at 21:33

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