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In actionscript 3, I have a user enter a number into a field and this field is supposed to be for a cash value. How do I make it so that if for some reason they put say 20.956, it would round up to 20.96?

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soooo simple Math.round(NumberToRound*100)/100 –  The_asMan Jan 12 '12 at 21:20

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You could use toFixed(). Something like:

var cash:String = (Number("1.2365")).toFixed(2)

It's not mentioned in the documetnation, but i'm fairly sure it rounds rather than floors.

Notice that .toFixed() returns a string, if you want a more comprehensive helper then you could use something like the following.

    public function rounder(num:Number, decimalPlaces:int, method:Function = null):Number {
        if(method == null) method = Math.round;
        var mul:Number = Math.pow(10,decimalPlaces);
        return method(num * mul)/mul;

and invoke it using:

rounder(1.245, 2); // returns 1.25  (it uses round by default)
rounder(1.245, 2, Math.floor); // returns 1.24
rounder(1.241, 2, Math.ceil); // returns 1.25

And actually you can use negative numbers for the decimalPlaces as well

rounder(2123, -1, Math.ceil); // returns 2130
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