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I installed virtialbox in my windows 7 and installed the Ubuntu as guest os. I want to press a key(Alt+F1) to activate the ubuntu and send continue send the same key to ubuntu and then ubuntu will active the problem inside ubuntu. That means I want to press one key to activate the program in unbuntu. I think autohotkey script can do it. But I do not know how.


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You can try WinActivate on the VirtualBox window, and follow that with SendInput commands. Since VirtualBox uses all sorts of low level hooks, I don't know how well it will respond to key sending.

Since it is a Windows application, there's a chance it will accept other Windows messages. The ControlSend command may be useful, but I don't know if VBox will pass on the keys to the guest OS.

AutoHotkey struggles with low-level applications. Some software, such as games, deliberately prevent artificial input. Others just do it naturally, for example, VirtualBox.

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