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ptrace(2) provides tools to modify a Linux process's "user" area (search for PTRACE_POKEUSER).

What does this memory region look like? Where can I find the documentation of its layout?


P.S. I realize the area contains things like signal actions, accounting information and a system stack, but I'm curious of the exact format. =)

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My goal is to set vmem pages permissions (as if the controlled process called mprotect). Just curious if that information is in this "user" area. – sholsapp Jan 12 '12 at 21:09
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Under PEEKUSER, the man page for ptrace says

Reads a word at offset addr in the child's USER area, which holds the registers and other information about the process (see <sys/user.h>).

So look in /usr/include/sys/user.h to see the definition of struct user. To access things from there you'll want to use an offsetof macro to find the right offset to read/write the data you want.

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My GNU version is grossly undocumented. But thanks, this is a start! – sholsapp Jan 12 '12 at 21:37

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