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We are running an stress test on our application using 10 FB test users... After some time, we start to receive API error API_EC_TOO_MANY_CALLS, meaning that we are doing too many calls on the FB API servers...

On our Insights Page (Diagnostics), its showing:

Calls Are Too CPU Intensive
Method | Fraction of Budget
gr:get:User | 8,066%
gr:get/fql | 5,861%
gr:get:User/permissions | 496%

Too Many Calls
Method | Fraction of Budget
gr:get/fql | 18,171%
gr:get:User | 16,888%
gr:get:User/permissions | 1,520%

Yes, we are caching things and Yes we are using batch multiquery for FQL... Finally, yes, we already opened an “bug” ticket but no one answer us until now...

Does anyone here ever had this problem? Any help?

Thanks so much!

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Make fewer calls? – bkaid Jan 12 '12 at 22:03
had the same problem. FB says that for app limit is 100M requests/day. But it started blocking API for my app at 800K requests. – Creotiv Jan 23 '13 at 17:36

See http://www.fb-developers.info/tech/fb_dev/faq/general/gen_10.php for a good list of API errors and what they mean.

You should monitor for API_EC_RATE and start adding a wait timer for a second or so before attempting another FB API call. If you do that, then you might not get the API_EC_TOO_MANY_CALLS error code.

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@DMCS This is interesting, thought I only see API_EC_TOO_MANY_CALLS in my logs. No API_EC_RATE return at all. Do you know what is the rate that may lead to those errors?

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I Found that FB API limits depends from app MAU. 100m calls/dey is a maximum value for the maximum MAU.

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