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I have a windows batch file, which iterates over files in a folder and runs a command on each file. Specifically I am running xmllint to validate some files:

for %%i in (c:\temp\*.xml) do (
   C:\XMLLINT\xmllint -noout -schema "C:\schemas\schema.xsd" "%%~dpnxi" >> c:\output.txt

It currently shows the output on screen. I want to show the output of all these commands placed in an output file. How can I achieve this? By using the append operator (>>) nothing is accomplished except for a blank file being created.

Is it because of xmllint?

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If you're trying to redirect error output from the program, it might be writing to stderr. You can try to redirect it with:

for %%i in (c:\temp\*.xml) do (
   C:\XMLLINT\xmllint -noout -schema "C:\schemas\schema.xsd" "%%~dpnxi" >> c:\output.txt 2>&1

Basically the 2>&1 at the end means redirect anything from stderr (which is 2) to stdout (which is 1). Since stdout is redirected to a file, you should now see the stderr stream in the file. Hope this works for you!

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I've never used it, but if its documentation is here, have you tried just removing your "-noout" option, or adding an: "-output c:\output.txt"?

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-noout is to not output the contents of the file being validated, adding -output would not result in one file with all the output in it. –  user453441 Jan 12 '12 at 22:30

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