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The page I'm working on is right here:

When I click on the blue boxes, a larger box appears. I would like to have a link inside the larger box that you can click on to go to another page. Here's the code so far:

  <a href="html-pics/foliio-big/ff-2.jpg" class="col_1-3 gal">
      <img src="html-pics/folio-small/ff-2.jpg" alt="" />
      <div class="mask"></div>
      <div class="desc">
        <h4>Branding Photography 2</h4>
        <div class="desc_text">
          <p>sample text,</p>

I would like to put a link within the <p> tags if possible

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What exactly does "appearing correctly" mean? What are you specifically having a problem with? – Brandon Jan 12 '12 at 22:26

does this work? <p><a href="link_path" >link_title</a></p>

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