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If i wanted to create a system whereby you could display a little rectangle ON TOP of an app already running, in which I could put any number of things, what would be the best, most apple standard way of doing it?

I'm thinking of something similar to iAdd. basically layers of views I suppose. I know that microsoft has a standard war of coding game menus for example. they're layered - each one has various event handlers for when things start and finish and they're own little update / load / draw methods etc that get called when appropriate. is there something similar for apps?

The most important thing really is just the starting point. what should I be doing in order to create another view over the existing one?

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All UI elements in iOS inherit from class UIView. To add one view inside another use [view addSubview:subview]

For detailed information about how to use the UIView class, see View Programming Guide for iOS

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