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Lets say i have two models: Team --1---n--> Player In Words: A Team can have many Players. A Player belongs to a Team.

On the page that shows the Team-Data i want to place a link 'create Player'.

In the Players controller, how do I create the Player so that it is associated with the Team, viewed where the 'create Player' link was placed?

Do I have to

1. pass the Team-ID to the 'create Players' controller and

2. look up the Team using the Team-ID and then

3. something like this: @new_player = @team.players.build(...)

Can I use one of the resource routes for the 'create Player' link?

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I think nested_attributes can help you.

Watch this railscast about it.

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Thank you! I appreciate that hint! –  Stefan Kühn Jan 13 '12 at 6:25

If teams and players will be added via separate forms:

You can either include the team_id in the form for the new player or nest the route to players in the scope of teams and pull the team_id from the url params like params[:team_id].

Nested players route:

    resources :teams do
      resources :players

In your team/show view (team details page), Create Player link:

    <%= link_to 'Create Player', new_team_player_path(@team) %>

In the players form:

    <% form_for [@team, @player] do |f| %>
    <!-- your form here -->
    <%- end -%>

In the Players controller:

    def new
      @team = Team.find params[:team_id]
      @player = Player.new

    def create
      @player = Player.new params[:player]
      @player.team_id = params[:team_id] # => if just grabbing the id from the url params
      if @player.save
        # flash and redirect
        # show form again

Otherwise, see the railscast about nested attributes mentioned by @Antoine for specifying both new team and player details on one form. (I think what you're looking for is the first option with two forms but I could be way off.)

For more information about nested resource routing, see the Rails Routing Guide. To see what routes are available in your application, run rake routes from the command line at the root of your app.

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Thank you very very much for your help! It was surprisingly hard to find a hint on such a beginners question :-) After running Goggles server hot, I also found this tutorial site ruby-rails-3-model-1-many-association There's a lot more goodies on that site. Could be usefull for other Newbies... But anyway, than you very much! –  Stefan Kühn Jan 13 '12 at 6:19

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