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I create a simple couchapp and deployed it into my CouchDB instance. However, i'm noticing an anomaly. The view created (via couchapp generate view ...) returns data when I view it in CouchDB's Futon administrative interface (logged in as admin), but not when I run the couchapp I wrote. Here's an example of my code:

$.CouchApp(function(app) {
app.view("wine_list", { success: function(json) {
    json.rows.map(function(row) {

The result I get out of alert() above is 'null'.

And when I navigate to: http://localhost:5984/winedb/_design/wineapp/_view/wine_list I get:


But, If I open Futon admin interface and navigate to the design doc/view, I can see records. Now, in Futon i'm logged in as admin. So, my guess is I should specific auth credentials in my couchapp javascript code? If so, how?

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If your view has both a map and reduce component, then this might be a user interface bug in Futon.

By default, CouchDB will supply map and reduce results to queries. To see only the map results, you must provide a ?reduce=false parameter.

By default, Futon provides the ?reduce=false parameter, and you have to check the "reduce" checkbox to get the "default" behavior.

In other words, add reduce=false to your query. Does that help?

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What if I want to get the rows that are returned when reduce is set to 'true'? –  Shekhar Jul 18 '12 at 11:00

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