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These days i am writing something in my blog. so yesterday i submitted it to GoogleAdSense. they approved my account. upto this very good.

But, if i paste the html/javascript code in my post content wordpress is removing it. is there a way to display ads in my wordpress blog..:((

my blog is http://nareshbojja.wordpress.com


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If you hosted the blog on a non- wordpress.com server you can embed the adsense code into the template. –  JensenDied May 19 '09 at 19:00

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WordPress.org removes JavaScript and other potentially malicious code. There are lots of AdSense plugins for WordPress that will automatically insert the Google AdSense ad positions for you.

edit: You cannot put AdSense on a WordPress.com hosted blog.

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but my blog is hosted on wordpress. i am not hosting my blog. so is it possible to add plugins to default wordpress blog.. –  nbojja May 19 '09 at 19:00
See my edit. Short answer: no. –  ceejayoz May 19 '09 at 19:01

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