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I have a small app on Heroku's cedar stack that uses two processes. One runs the Sinatra server and the other collects tweets and inserts them into a database. This project is still in development and while Heroku offers one process for free, the second process costs money.

I'd like to keep the Sinatra server running but suspend the tweet collector process from time to time. If you run heroku stop tweet_collector.1 it will temporarily stop the process but then it appears the Procfile restarts it. I haven't found a way to comment out processes in the Procfile so I've simply deleted the process from the file and pushed it.

Can you override the Procfile from commandline and stop a process? If not, how can you comment out a process in the Procfile so it's not read?

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I believe you can scale any of your Procfile entries to zero using heroku scale:

heroku scale web=0 

More information here:

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nice, this allows the Procfile to not be messed with – Milktrader Jan 13 '12 at 0:53

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