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C# How to remove 0 from the end of a decimal value
Best way to display decimal without trailing zeros in c#

I have decimal variable it has value


How can I convert it into string so I can get


Issue is 2.50 must be 2.5 in string.

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String.Format("{0:0.##}", 2.50);

You can also convert it to a string and then do String.Trim('0'); to trim the trailing zeros off.

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You could do it like this example shows:

String.Format("{0:0.00}", 123.4567);      // "123.46"
String.Format("{0:0.00}", 123.4);         // "123.40"
String.Format("{0:0.00}", 123.0);         // "123.00"

(Basically, using the String.Format function)

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