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I have a QTablewidget with the following settings


I am trying to delete the user selected rows and use the following code. However, it results in a crash when all items are selected and deleted. Is the following approach correct ? Thanks.

QList<QTableWidgetItem *> selectedEntries = tableWidget->selectedItems();
foreach(QTableWidgetItem * currentItem, selectedEntries) 

if (currentItem->row()!=-1) 

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Do you know where it crashes? Is there a stack trace? – Karlson Jan 13 '12 at 2:26

A slightly different flavor of this operation can be found in the Nokia dev forums, the evolved form provided by Ruzik looks like..

 QSet<int> selectedRows; //we use a set to prevent doubles
 QList<QTableWidgetItem*> itemList = tableWidget->selectedItems();
 QTableWidgetItem * item;
 foreach(item, itemList)
 //get a list, and sort it big to small
 QList<int> rows = selectedRows.toList();
 qSort(rows.begin(), rows.end());
 //now actually do the removing:
 foreach(int row, rows)
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Great answer. Used this myself... Although I had to change qSort(rows.begin(), rows.end()); to qSort(rows.begin(), rows.end(), qGreater<int>()); – CurtisJC Oct 13 '14 at 11:02

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