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Right now I'm trying to write my own custom Rails routes for my app, but for some reason, when I write in non-resourceful routes, I cannot get POST requests (or anything besides GET for that matter) to route to the action that I specified. I tried using the via keyword, and tried using the conditions hash, but when I run rake routes I do not see the POST method show up next to the route.

Here's the code:


get "transactions/:id/process", :to => "transactions#payment", :as => :transaction_process,:via => [:get, :post], :conditions => {:method => :post }

I tried using only via, and only conditions, and neither of those work. I have a form that I send to this action, but I get the error:

No route matches [POST] "/transactions/8/process"

Does anybody have any idea how I can get Rails to route POST requests to this URL to my transaction#payment action?


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The get method in your route is declaring a single route, which in this case is a GET request. If you want to define both a custom GET and a POST in one line, you can use match.

From the Rails Guide:

match 'photos/show' => 'photos#show', :via => [:get, :post]

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Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for –  Sid Jan 13 '12 at 3:53

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