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I'm struggling to write a regular expression to find all my mp3 files. I want to pipe out all files with the last four characters being either .mp3 .Mp3 .mP3 or .MP3

What's the correct pattern that should follow --regexp?

find /myMusic -type f | grep --regexp
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find /myMusic -type f -iname '*.mp3'

The -iname matches the name (*.mp3 here) ignoring case.

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You don't need the pipe or the grep, find can use the regex with the -regex option. Try this:

find /myMusic -type f -regex '.*\.[Mm][Pp]3' 
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You can use -iname which does search case-insensitively. :) –  jaypal singh Jan 13 '12 at 3:38


find /myMusic -type f | grep -i "mp3$"

-i makes the match case insensitive, and "$" specifies the end of the line.

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This pattern works:


Here it is in action:


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