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Summary: Trying to pass along a variable Monthly Subscription cost to PayPal based on user-selected options on a form I created. Working within Website Payments Standard with Enhanced Recurring Payment option, is this possible?

Details: User visits "shop" page, which is a form with 4 line items, each line item consisting of 2-7 options, each option with an associated price.

For example, line item 1 is "size of business" with the options being: a) 1-3 employees - $10 b) 4+ employees - $12.50

User goes through the list and chooses 1 option for each line item and some javascript calculates the total due on the fly.

Is it possible to pass this total to PayPal, not as a one-time cost, rather as the base cost for a monthly subscription?

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Yes. Just change the value you're passing for a3, rather than amount.

Is there a problem you're running into?

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