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I have a large ArrayCollection that need to be displayed in series of Datagrid. After testing, the loading time is around 30secs-1minute.

My question here, is there a way to gradually add each datagrid and display it instead of waiting until all datagrids to fully created?

Existing :

  • AddChild 1
  • AddChild 2
  • AddChild 3
  • repeat until AddChild-x
  • CreationComplete

My intended process :

  • AddChild 1
  • CreationComplete
  • AddChild 2
  • CreationComplete
  • repeat until AddChild-x

My current implementation :

        <mx:Repeater id="inputCategoryListMultiple">
            <renders:CustomPeriodGrid  data="{inputCategoryListMultiple.currentItem}"/>
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Data Paging may help you.

Have a look on the following:

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