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I am using django-meerchant for paypal payment http://readthedocs.org/docs/django-merchant/en/latest/offsite/paypal.html ...

and my views have this code :

                            pay_pal = get_integration("pay_pal")
                                   "business": client.paypal_id,
                                   "item_name": product.name,
                                   "invoice": inst.trans_code,
                                   "notify_url": settings.BASE_DNS + str(client.id) + '/book/'+str(inst.id) +'/success/?booksaved=1',
                                   "return_url": settings.BASE_DNS + str(client.id) + '/book/'+str(inst.id) +'/success/?booksaved=1',
                                   "cancel_return": settings.BASE_DNS + str(client.id) + '/?booksaved=0',
                                   "amount": inst.book_charged})
                            return render_to_response("pay_pay.html", {"obj": pay_pal, "product": product.name, "amount": inst.totalcost},context_instance=RequestContext(request))  

my template pay_pay.html

{% extends "main_base_bookingpage.html" %}
{% load billing_tags %}

{% block content %}
    Required Parameters from the view
        <li> item_name : {{ product }}</li>
        <li> amount : {{ amount }}</li>
    {% paypal obj %}
{% endblock %}  

my question is how can i change it so that it will change to the paypal site and not to sandbox.paypal site?

thanks in advance...

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According to the docs you could either specify test_mode parameter when calling get_integration (pay_pal = get_integration("pay_pal", test_mode=False)), or set MERCHANT_TEST_MODE in settings file. Also you may need to change PAYPAL_TEST setting too.

PS. I don't work with django-merchant and don't know whether this will work, this is just assumptions from the docs.

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thanks demalexx, i try your answer test_mode=False and it works. in my code, before the return render_to_response(...), i added : pay_pal.test_mode = False ... – gadss Jan 14 '12 at 2:05

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