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FB.login(function(response) {
    if (response.authResponse) {

    } else {
}, {scope:'user_birthday,email,publish_actions'});

This creates a popup, is it possible to make it appear in an iframe?

I am calling this on an external website version of a Facebook iframe canvas app. Once the app is authorized (on an external website), it is not added to the app bookmarks on Facebook. How can I force it to add the app to app bookmarks?


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Re: Iframing the login

It's not possible to iframe the login popup page because, like most pages on facebook.com, it includes an X-Frame-Options: deny header and meta tag to prevent this (as a way to mitigate against clickjacking).

Re: adding a bookmark

In the past there was a way to add them manually, but now its fully automatic, based on how recently apps were used. Also, bookmarks aren't shown for external sites, a canvas app is needed. So the only way to ensure a bookmark is in place is to have a canvas app and to keep users engaged with it.

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