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I have a class Foo that has a method Bar makeBar(String id). As you can guess, makeBar creates a new Bar object with the id id. Bar has a getter for id.

For the purpose of my test I need to mock Foo. I would like the mocked makeBar method to create mocked Bar objects for which the getter returns the correct id (the one that was given to makeBar).

So to be clear, I want to create a mocked instance foo of Foo such that


returns a mocked Bar object bar for which

bar.getId() == someID

Is there a way to do this with Spock, or should I stub everything?

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Yes, it's possible to have a mock return other mocks. This will do the trick:

Foo foo = Mock()

foo.makeBar(_) >> { String id ->
    Bar bar = Mock()
    bar.getId() >> id

I've published the complete and runnable code here:

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Thanks! This saves me 100+ lines of stubs :) – Jules Olléon Jan 13 '12 at 20:05

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