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mvn gae:deploy gave us the following "info":


[INFO] <<< maven-gae-plugin:0.9.2:deploy (default-cli) @ gk <<<


[INFO] --- maven-gae-plugin:0.9.2:deploy (default-cli) @ gk ---

[INFO] Updating Google App Engine Server...

There is a new version of the SDK available.

Latest SDK: Release: 1.6.1 Timestamp: Wed Nov 09 16:16:16 EST 2011 API versions: [1.0]

Your SDK: Release: 1.5.2 Timestamp: Mon Jul 18 19:48:56 EDT 2011 API versions: [1.0]

But we have gae version 1.6.1 in my pom.xml file:


And we're sure the code is compiled with 1.6.1.

How do we make sure 1.6.1 is used to deploy?

( apologize for the format :( )

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You can force the version:


                        <!--suppress MavenModelInspection -->

The unpack goal gives maven ability to download GAE SDK and store it in local maven repo (/.m2). Use it with mvn gae:unpack

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This is a great answer! –  Tom Fishman Jan 13 '12 at 13:31
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