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I am trying to get celery tasks wrapper around a python object method. Like:

 class A:
      def test_task(self,args):
        print "BLah..test"

   def main():
     a= A()
     args = {}

Now this fails with error test_task takes atleast 2 arguments (1 given). My understanding is the self object is not getting passed. Why is this so? and how do i work around this?

Update: It really was my lack of understanding of celery. the @task decorator is just to add/handle the celery task related parameters. it doesn't automatically make every call to the function a celery task. the function must be called as a.test_task.delay(args).. therein the problem...

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Do you need to have test_task as method? Will simple function work? Or could you use static method? BTW, your main function doesn't use celery to execute test_task, it runs it as simple method.

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Aye.. just understood the mistake.. got the answer from irc channel.. – Software Mechanic Jan 13 '12 at 8:57

Since version 3.0 Celery now supports using methods as tasks:

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Not anymore since 2014-10-10. Apparently it was too buggy.… – CryingCyclops Dec 16 '14 at 9:19

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