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my question is, is there a way to filter records in the dataset and use that records to fill in the datagridview? for example, a datatable (with 3 columns: ID, StudentName, Gender) is filled with list of students. i have two datagrids in the form namely DatagridView1 and Datagridview2. DatagridView1 is where the the list of student where Gender is equal to M and DatagridView2 is where the the list of student where Gender is equal to F.

in my current solution, i am using a loop.

For each iStud as datarow in iDataset.Tables(0).Rows
      IF iStud.Item("Gender").ToString = "M" Then
            'add this record to DatagridView1
            'add this record to DatagridView2
      End If

is there a way without using a loop?

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Yes, there is. All you need to do is to filter the dataset using SELECT.

For example,

DatagridView1.Datasource = xSet.Tables("StudentList").SELECT("Gender = 'M'")
DatagridView2.Datasource = xSet.Tables("StudentList").SELECT("Gender = 'F'")

Brief Explanation:

xSet          is the name of the Dataset
StudentList   is the name of the Datatable
Gender        is the name of the Column where you want to filter


Screen Shot

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thank you, john! –  Alex Ezra Jan 13 '12 at 6:07

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