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I'm trying do display a time line in wp7 using amCharts quickCharts.

        <amq:SerialChart DataSource="{Binding MyData}" 
                <amq:LineGraph ValueMemberPath="Score" 

MyData is an ObservableCollection<ScoreDate> where ScoreDate is defined as

public class ScoreDate
   public int Score{get;set;}
   public DateTime Date{get;set;}

Problem is, that the X-Axis is just plotted as individual values, skipping periods without data, and not as events on a distributed timeline as I need it to be.

Any way to make amCharts do that?

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Apparently this is no easy feat as the amcharts for wp7 is too simple and apparently abandoned.

What I ended up doing was just creating my own graph with a PolyLine on a Canvas, databound to a PointCollection.

Got the graph right pretty fast.

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