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I want to use only the chooser dialog (shown below)

enter image description here

from the TimePicker control included in the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone. Normally this dialog only appears when a user clicks on the TimePicker control listbox.

enter image description here

I would like to bypass the listbox altogether and launch the chooser dialog when a button is pressed.

Is this possible or would I have to create a custom control for myself.

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Create class that inherited from TimePicker, and use ClickTemplateButton() to simulate click behavior:

public class CustomPicker : TimePicker
    public void ClickTemplateButton()
        Button button = (GetTemplateChild("DateTimeButton") as Button);
        ButtonAutomationPeer peer = new ButtonAutomationPeer(button);
        IInvokeProvider provider = (peer.GetPattern(PatternInterface.Invoke) as IInvokeProvider);


When this class is created, create CustomPicker in xaml. Don't forget to add xmlns


 <local:CustomPicker x:Name="customPicker" .../>

And then call you can show it from code:

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I'm very sorry, but I don't understand what you're trying to say. Could you explain in more detail? –  Kiang Teng Jan 13 '12 at 9:43
Thanks for clarifying! –  Kiang Teng Jan 13 '12 at 10:30
Just in case this helps others, the code above didn't work for me until I added a call to UpdateLayout() at the start of the ClickTemplateButton method. Before doing so, GetTemplateChild just kept returning null for me. –  GusP Jun 24 '12 at 2:08

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