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how can I modify the dynamic range of an image (gray scale [-30000 30000]) in matlab to be between [-3000 15000]?

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You can use the second argument of imagesc to do that:

imagesc(rand(10),[-3000 15000])
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+1 I knew there was a function for this, been out of MATLAB world for too long. – linuxuser27 Jan 13 '12 at 17:16

Simple interpolation along with some vector multiplication

x1 = img[i,j]
O1 = -30000 // min range of values in img
O2 = 30000  // max range of values in img
T1 = -3000  // min range of target value
T2 = 15000  // max range of target value

x2 = ((x1 - O1) * (T2 - T1)) / (O2 - O1) // Value in new range

Using the above equation and two passes over the matrix using vectorization you can convert the values. I leave that part to you.

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