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I am looping an array in an underscore template and what to add onclick for each of the elements. Can I somehow pass the object directly to a function in the underscore template?

e.g. here I'm trying to pass the client element to the editClient() function

        <% _.each(clients, function(client) { %>
            <td><a href="#" onclick="<% editClient(client); %> return false;"><%= %></a></td>
        <% }); %>

My guess is that underscore just parses everything to a string and renders the result, meaning I would need to instead pass a id to the editClient function and fetch the client using that.

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Since this is just rendering to html and not actually directly binding the onclick event the id should be passed instead.


<td><a href="#" onclick="editClient(<%= %>); return false;"><%= client.Name %></a></td>
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