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I want to make my brightness and contrast shader change by dynamically changing offset parameters, but I dont want to recompile my shader everytime I am changing shader buffer.

The current shader code is

char shaderCode[] = " \
sampler2D screen: register(s0); \
float offsetBrightness = 0.0f; \
float offsetContrast   = 0.9f; \
float4 PSBrightnessContrast(float2 inCoord : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR0\
    return (tex2D(screen, inCoord.xy) + offsetBrightness) * (1.0 + offsetContrast);\
technique brightness \
{ \
    pass p1 \
    { \
        PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 PSBrightnessContrast(); \
    } \
} \

How I can pass the offsetBrightness and offsetContrast dynamically?

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You need uniforms. I don't know DirectX, so I can't tell you how to use them exactly, read the documentation. – Cat Plus Plus Jan 13 '12 at 8:36

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In HLSL, all variables declared outside function can be changed between each draw call.

To change their value you can use the following setter from ID3DXEffect :

HRESULT SetFloat( [in] D3DXHANDLE hParameter, [in] FLOAT f );

where hParameter can be either the name as char * or the handle queried using GetParameterHandle()

So in your example :

effet->SetFloat( "offsetBrightness", 0.5f );

If you are inside a Begin()/End(), you need to call CommitChanges()to apply those values

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