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I'm working on a project that combines Android with a web application. What I want to do is send GPS coordinates from the Android phone to a web application that will display the location using Google Maps (Google Maps API). There will be other features, and most importantly, I would like to track the coordinates in real time (perhaps by updating the location when it is active).

What would be the best programming language to build the web application in and why? I have experience with Python, Perl, Java, and PHP, and I'd like to use one of those.


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If you are developing your Android application in Java, you could probably reuse some common code (data model, serialization/deserialization, other utilities, etc) and save some time if you develop the server side in Java, too.

In some cases, you can use a server that supports data reception in "real time" (i.e. web sockets). This could have some implications in your choice.

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